eNEET Rural Project June 2019

The Ministry of Agriculture in Hungary plans a large- scale Roma catch-up program, which would solve the rural labor shortage, and at the same time it would create an opportunity for the Roma to break out.
In the Agroma project, “3 in 1” would bring about 1. the social inclusion of the Roma with 2. agricultural and 3. rural development, as these would come back and forth between themselves. The Agroma program could even start in 2020. #eNEET_Rural will seek the collaboration with them.

Meeting of the Business on the Black Sea coast

Meeting of the Business on the Black Sea coast was held in Varna. On June 13, 2019 in the Golden Sands resort near Varna was held the annual Meeting of the Business on the Black Sea coast. The event was attended by many owners and managers of companies in the region, business associations and chambers, mayors and municipal representatives. UBBSLA experts who attended the event had the opportunity to meet and establish a network with eNEET stakeholders. During the working discussion UBBSLA discussed the possibility of cooperation with the municipal administration of Devnya Municipality as well as with the Presidents of the Varna Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Executive Director of the Regional Industrial Association – Varna. All of them have committed themselves to cooperate with UBBSLA in finding suitable agro- business organizations and local agricultural holdings to be involved in the implementation of the #eNEET_Rural project.

Under the eNEET Rural project, funded by EEA and Norway Grants, the CPDIS Association organized a meeting with young people from the Faculty of Consumer Protection and the Environment at the Agronomic University of Bucharest to discuss the opportunities the project offers through online and offline. We encouraged the entrepreneur spirit in rural areas by presenting the objectives and results of the project. #eNEET

Future relevant Events:

Bread Basket, Czech Republic
August 22 – 27, 2019

Nitra, Slovakia August 22 – 25, 2019

ExpoDrev Russia
Krasnoyarsk, Russia September 3 – 6, 2019

Fruit Attraction
Fruit Attraction is a specialized international platform dedicated to the fresh produce market. Madrid, Spain
October 22 – 24 2019


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