‘Mommypreneurs’ roadshow

Mommypreneurs Roadshow at Festival Mamostogos. Credits: Mommypreneurs

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‘Mommypreneurs’ roadshow was part of ‘Mamostogos’ event – the first and only festival in Lithuania for mothers. The main objective of the festival was not only to create a platform, where mothers could relax but also provide them with opportunities to gain useful knowledge on various topics such as working whilst bringing up children, healthy nutrition and more.

‘Mommypreneurs’ stall and roll-up was located in the marketplace, application forms, flyers and other communication material such as F.A.Q. poster was available for the participants. Healthy snacks were also provided to make the stall more attractive to the participants of the festival.

Two representatives from the project team attended the festival to present ‘Mommypreneurs’ to the public. The main activities on the day were answering questions regarding the project, application process, training curriculum and other. Participants of the festival were also given an opportunity to fill in the application forms for the courses. A total of four application forms were completed on the day, in addition to expressed interest to fill in the forms online after the event.


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