Steps to success wait soon!

Steps to success. Credits: CODE

CODE project partner Solutions Brief Therapy and Counselling Centre Ruse, led by the famous psychiatrist Dr Plamen Panayotov, started work on creating a platform for motivational and psychological help. It will be for vulnerable young people at poverty risk at the age between 18 and 29, in order to motivate them to enroll and take qualification courses for digital design, graphics, 3D animation, game design. Now, a team of experienced in this field psychiatrists is preparing a motivation diary, both electronic and paper, with a working title Steps to success.

It is based on QUQu approach: Questioning of Useful Questions. It’s main idea is that the trainees could be highly motivated for learning by involving them in asking good questions.

Motivational videos, Interactive Career Guidance Test, Interactive Self Development Situations for Implementing the Electronic Platform will be also developed in the next months.


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