Mommypreneurs Roadshow 2

Mommypreneurs Roadshow at Festival Mamostogos. Credits: Mommypreneurs

Mommypreneurs will be attending ‘Laisvės piknikas’ (english ‘Freedom picnic’) that is an annual summer festival of ideas. The event offers space for discussions (on various political, social and other topics) and entertainment (music concerts etc.).

When? 24thof August, 2019

‘Mommypreneurs’ stall and roll-up will be located in the marketplace, application forms, flyers and other communication material such as F.A.Q. poster will be available for the participants. Healthy snacks will also be provided to make the stall more attractive to the participants of the festival.There will also be a discussion on the most common issues that mothers encounter when coming back to work after maternity leave.

The main objectives of the roadshow are:

  • Increasing project awareness in the public
  • Answering questions about the project in real time
  • Encouraging more mothers to applyto the 1st batch of training and also future groups
  • Learning more about the issues encountered by mothers when coming back to work after maternity leave.


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