Bulgarian stakeholders speak about their impressions during the Ljubljana events

Credits: eNEET Rural

Mrs. Georgieva and Mr. Tonev, as very experience trainers, you were kindly invited by UBBSLA to attend the Annual Seminar& Brokerage event in Ljubljana in the frame of eNEET Rural project, related to youth unemployment in rural areas. What was the reason for your interest to attend?

Elena Georgieva. Credits: eNEET Rural

Elena Georgieva: The North Eastern region where a bigger part of the activities of my organization are located is a predominantly rural region where the agriculture is assigning branch.That’s why it was very interesting for meto attend such event and to understand more about the Slovenian experience presented as an excellent example, to meet other colleagues working in the field. My expectations were related with also gaining new methods and approaches towards young unemployed by learning the practice and knowledge of the represented countries and organizations.



Todor Tonev. Credits: eNEET Rural

Todor Tonev: The problems that NEETs in Bulgaria meet are most probably the same as for the rest of the EU countries, but Slovenia is verysimilar to our country and also it’s veryexperience in solving the changes. Slovenia is also a largely agricultural country, which means that they will pay special attention to rural unemployment. It was very interesting for me to get closer with the approach for solving problem with unemployment among young rural people in Slovenia.




What is your profile, what are the linking points with eNEET?

Elena Georgieva: My entire professional experience is related to organizing and conducting trainings, activities and initiatives for various target groups. Graduated economics, my expertize is closely related to management and entrepreneurship. So, I am definitely interested in the eNEET Soft-skills training materials developed by your consortium. Recently, my work has focused on young people with no vocational orientation for starting a job, those without education and job motivation, as well as enterprising young people who want to participate in local planning and to support local authorities in specific areas.

Todor Tonev: I am educated engineer, but I have a degree in agricultural economics and business in the University of Economics – Varna. My scientific knowledge in the agricultural field, as wellas my recent “bad” experience in lookingfor young workers in rural areas (moreover, I am wine production owner recently) forced my interested in unemployed youths and how I can motivate them to work in this sector. Representing the company “Team experts” Ltd. on the Annual Seminar& Brokerage event in Ljubljana, I’m morethat interested on the elaborated eNEETtraining materials “Agro-professionalskills”, to train NEETs in Bulgaria, topromote, distribute the module, etc.

How did you like the event? What is your take-away message?

Elena Georgieva: The event was organized in a wise-oriented and professional manner where different stakeholders and especially decision makers at national were involved to participate and contribute. This mainly refers to the Ministry of agriculture, forestry and food and the policy realized for activating young people and the financial tools provided to them. A significant strength can be considered the practical showcases demonstrated by actors and farmers devoted to enhancement rural actions, e.g. production, offer and supply. A consequent message captured to me isthat the: “Efficient and valuable resultsare achieved by personal perception andmotivation for things to be happened”.

Todor Tonev: The event was organized at a very high level taking in mind the inspiring speech of the Slovenian Minister of Agriculture. An interesting fact is that, along with the event, there was an exhibition of local farmers. Slovenia has been working integrated to solve problems from the ministry to the detached producer, was felt they was agreed to promote local products while protecting the environment. I was impressed that local production was strongly encouraged, and producers also assisted or working in collaboration. The message I would convey is – let us produce local and eco-friendly products in the best possible way!

Is there any future collaboration with the project?

Elena Georgieva: My personal interest to be involved in the whole training process for capacity building through soft skills delivery as the young people are considered as leading force towards future innovations, capitalization and progress making. My efforts will be targeted towards marching the interests of the youth with business opportunities, entities, etc. in the North Eastern region based on the specific project topics and all of this is to be after the training completion, so that we will have skilled and qualified and most of all, motivated young people.

Todor Tonev: I look forward to starting the training at the local level, because in addition to transferring the experience and knowledge gained, I will better understand the needs of the local NEETs, which is the source of new ideas


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