Casa Giusta – CODE Project

Credits: CODE

Casa Giusta is pleased to support an interesting international project, in the area of ​​youth employment, which has been presented publicly on Friday 15 November at 4.30 pm to local services, associations, projects and youth groups to openly share needs training.

The CODE project is carried out under the Youth Employment Fund, with 7 partners from Bulgaria, Latvia, Romania, Italy, Estonia, including the Coop. Alternata Silos coop soc which operates in the La Casa Giusta of the Municipality of Formia.

At the end of the presentation a pleasant aperitif with musical accompaniment followed.

Intense day of work with

  • monitoring of reporting and cost supervision processes with forecasted expenses;
  • sharing of the teaching platform and teaching methods for the Web Design and 3D Animation courses (480 hours per course to be held at La Casa Giusta Formia and local areas);
  • definition of course accreditation processes (qualified training with qualified staff);
  • public presentation with a group of young people possible recipients and beneficiaries of the courses;

Thanks to all for participating.

A special thanks goes to the teachers Francesco and Antonio De Lorenzo, to the representatives of the association Kappa O and to Guido and Giulia Crastolla.

Follow the CODE project page and the Alternata Silos or La Casa Giusta page to stay updated on the progress of the project and to get info on the courses … totally free.


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