Network meeting – Tartu Art School

Credits: CODE

On 21th November we participated in network meeting that is initiated by the City Council and included career-planning specialists, school workers and youth specialists in Tartu City area. These network meetings take place in every two or three months and concentrate on working with troubled youth in school system and working out different methods on how to blend them effectively into school life.

We introduced the CODE project and then moved along to more thorough introduction of the curriculum. Our curriculum coordinator gave a visual overlook on how the study session will look like on the course of six months. The TOY-method was discussed as well as it holds a significant role in the curriculum and helps to deal with troubled youth one-on-one.

This meeting proved to be very helpful and educational, since other specialists provided necessary questions and observations they made based on our presentation. This time, the observations were emphasised more on approaching the youth whether it’s during the interviews or when the study sessions have begun.

Next network meeting will be held in Tartu Art School in February, when the first course has already begun their study journey and we can reflect and analyze first observations. Since this type of curriculum and approach is quite unusual in current school system, it will be an interesting case-study for TAS and other schools and organisations in addition.


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