The first focus group took place with employers, part of the research phase of the L.I.K.E. project

Credits: L.I.K.E.

The meeting was moderated by psychiatrist Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hristo Hinkov – project expert. Representatives from different business sectors- services, medicine, manufacturing, human resource managers, representatives of‘Confederation Syndicate European TradeUnion joinedthe meeting.

The main problems highlighted by the employers during the focus group werethe following:

  • There is a confusion in the professional identity among young people;
  • There is uncertainty about the quality of education they received and desire for self-assertion is missing;
  • They would not hire young people with mental health problems because they are not informed and trained how to deal with them in a work environment.

Employers’ attitudes and their resistance to hiring the NEET`s target group as employees underpin the development of a methodology to support young people, which includes all sides of interestin the process – young people themselves, their relatives and the employers. The project’s research activities make possible theintroduction ofan evidence-based employment program.


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