Let’s start finding NEETs a job with a successful IPS method!

Credits: IPS4NEETs project

IPS4NEETs project has been active since September 2018.

What have we done so far? Where did the project take us?

After a year of planning, developing, training and educating, our 60 coaches from Romania, Slovenia and Hungary are ready to use the successful IPS method supported by a new developed application! All 60 youth advisers and counsellors working with NEETs were gathered through the year in three long trainings to receive knowledge on a Norway IPS method presented by our Norway partner Fønix and to gain practical experiences on the use of the application developed by our Spanish partner Tesla Technologies.

Experts from Tesla Technologies developed the application which is a complex and project-specific tool for following-up and reporting on the status of the involved NEETs. 60 coaches got hands-on knowledge on the use of the different sections and tools of the platform and learned step by step the process of NEET registration.

Experts from Fønix created learning materials on how to use the IPS method and held three trainings about their successful method. Transfer of Norwegian best practices and tools concerning youth employment to Hungarian, Slovenian and Romanian context was the main topic in all training of group-level discussions. By mastering the method in their daily work, all 60 participants can expand the range of their services and provide effective support to young people who approach them. With the newly acquired knowledge the real work begins now! Stay tuned for further information on the project development!

Nastja Glušič and Andrej Korošec


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