Tartu Art School – NEET youth course registration and interviews

At the end of November the registration for graphic design course for NEET-youth at Tartu Art School ended. We received 38 applications which means 3,8 people per place. We are satisfied with the first results because we could make out what the current situation is and segregate the needs of each applicant and how the applicants can complement oneself during the 6 month study course.

The background and experiences varied among the applicants – there were qualified people with already a clear goal; those who had mingled a bit with design/art before and those who had no idea what they wanted from life, but had decided to apply for the course.

Credits: CODE

The teachers singled out about 15 applicants who were most in need for the course and conducted interviews with them. The interview form was decided to be a group interview – max two applicants were interviewed at the same time by two teachers. The impression and emotion of these interviews were very positive since the candidates showed motivation and will to learn more. The next task is to keep the motivation going.

Just in case there were some people left below the line, as there might be some candidates who decide not to commence with the course, which is natural. Right now the first 10 are chosen and we are ready to step forward!


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