IPETA celebrates the final networking event of the first Mommypreneurs entrepreneurship cohort

On the 13th of December, IPETA hosted the first closing event for the Mommpreneurs participants on the entrepreneurship programme. The event, attended by the local business and support networks presented the success of the participants, their projects and held a round-table to discuss the importance of mentoring and programmes such as this. During the event 3 of the participants pitched their projects; Tu Historia Ilustrada, Ecological-Box and Fotografía Familiar.

1.   Objectives

The purpose of this networking event was two-fold. The principal goal of the event was to firmly embed the participants within the local business networks and support ecosystem so that their activities and achievements through the participation in the Mommypreneurs project can be sustained through collaboration, mentorship and identification of opportunities. Secondly it served to provide focus to the programme as a means of celebrating the achievements of the women, provide a platform for their projects in a public arena and practice their networking and presentation skills with a receptive audience.

2.   Agenda

09:30 Welcome
09:40 Presentation of the Mommypreneurs project
09:45 Presentation of programme mentors
09:50 Round-table: Mentoring and its impact on the local business ecosystem
10:30 Presentation of the top participant pitches
10:50 Networking coffee
12:00 Close

3.   Speakers



PALOMA SÁNCHEZ GARRIDO Councillor for the Promotion Of The Business Economy
ROBERTO GALLEGO FERNÁNDEZ Councillor for the Promotion And Coordination Of Talavera Trade
SONIA ARTEGA VILLANUEVA Mommypreneurs Project Manager
MERCEDES MORENO MARTÍN Entrepreneurship Lead for the Women’s Centre
ESTHER VELAYOS MARTÍN Entrepreneur, CEO Escuela Taller de Arte Velayos
JOSÉ LUIS BODAS GONZÁLEZ Entrepreneur, CEO Técnicas Gráficas
ABRAHAM SÁNCHEZ GIL Entrepreneur, CEO ProEnTea English Academy


4.   Summary of the event

Date and venue 13th December 2019, Calle Templarios 41, Talavera de la Reina.
Nº attendees 36
Key activities 1.     Official welcome

2.     Summary of achievements

3.     Presentation of the projects

4.     Round-panel discussion on the role of mentoring

5.     Top 3 pitches from participants as evaluated by panel on pitch day previously.

6.     Networking


Presenting projects

All the participants throughout the entrepreneurship worked to shape their ideas for a business or employment into a concept and individual projects. The tangible outcome was a tailored pitch deck to cover the business plan for each project. This was supported through individual consultations with the trainers and mentors which culminated in a pitch day which took place on the 12thDecember 2019 attended by a panel of local business representatives, to evaluate and provide constructive feedback both on the presentation and the projects. The top three, as evaluated by scoring, were then invited to present:

  • Clara DeguinesTu Historia Ilustrada– Providing one-of-a-kind illustrated videos to celebrate occasions such as birthdays, weddings and anniversaries to bring to life the life of a couple or person.
  • María Victoria FernándezEcological-Box– Subscription based service providing weekly and monthly seasonal fruit and vegetables direct from local farms
  • Julieta PellicerFotografía Familiar – Personalised photography service to capture unique and natural moments for families and couples.

5.   Press engagement

The event was publicised in the local press through the attendance of an invited reporter who conducted interviews with one of the participant mothers and the attending Councillor. This resulted in two publications in La Voz del Tajo and El Día Digital:





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