Tartu Art School started project CODE graphic design course in Estonia

Credits: CODE

Project CODE specific objective is to develop and implement a training programme for specialized digital competences such as digital design, graphics, 3D animation, game design for these young people that otherwise cannot afford to obtain hi-tech knowledge due to restrictions coming from their financial situation.

Credits: CODE

During October and November the Estonian partner Tartu Art School received 40 applications altogether for CODE graphic design course and carried out group interviews which consisted of 2-3 teachers, who were interviewing groups of 2 potential participants at a time. From these interviews 10 candidates were chosen for the training course in graphic design and digitalization for a learning group of minimum 10 and maximum 20 participants for a duration of 6 months (480 hours of training).

The first CODE graphic design course week/6.01-10.01.2020/ was intended to be simple for participants, thus they had a chance to meet new people, including teachers and other workers. Moreover, the group visited the main building of Tartu Art School, where while given a guided tour around the premises, they familiarised themselves with the new surroundings.

Credits: CODE

On the next day a second meeting was organised, but this time it was led by a school counselor. He encouraged people to participate in various activities and discuss their well-being in order to get to know each other better. Later together they went hiking to the forest for a few days as a part of team-building exercises.  Going camping is a tradition in Tartu Art School for all students to start their study year. During the camps students spend time in nature, go on hikes, cook together, make camp fires and do some maintenance work around local buildings and sights. These camps enhance the sense of teamwork, provoke creative thinking and inspiration, which is a prerequisite for successful completion of Project CODE training course in graphic design.



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