Info Day SOCIALNEET project


On February 21st 2020, a public meeting was held at Confartigianato Imprese Terni aimed at presenting the SOCIALNEET project, funded by EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment, which aims to facilitate the insertion into the world of work of so-called NEETs.

The event was also attended by the Councilors for Social Services of the Municipalities of Terni, Narni and Orvieto (the leading institutions in our Province’s area)

Confartigianato Imprese Terni’s President, Mr. Mauro Franceschini, signed a memorandum of understanding together with the Institutional representatives of Municipalities of Terni, Orvieto and Narni for the support and enhancement of the project’s activities.

This is an outstanding result, which gives an important visibility to the project and encourage its positive impact in the local social context.

Italy has the European primacy of the NEETs and in the Municipality of Terni this new social scourge is dramatically evident. To date, on the basis of recent statistical data, youth unemployment in the area reaches 40% and the number of inactive has reached 33.7%, in practice one every three citizens residing in the area no longer seeks for work and training.


Moreover, this scenario is made even more complex by the high percentage of young people who leave the province to seek fortune elsewhere: only during the last year more than 5000 young under 40 have made this choice. Confartigianato Imprese Terni, as the only Italian partner of the Socialneet project, intends to play, in collaboration with local institutions, an active role to fight these worrying phenomena.

The Association can share its heritage of skills and experiences acquired in multiple areas of activity with local young people, to help them to find the determination to create and pursue their own life project.

The Infoday was also the opportunity to introduce Socialneet Meeting Point’s activities.

This office is available, in Confartigianato Terni’s headquarter, for unemployed young people. It provides consultancy and work orientation services and training courses both frontal and workbased.



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