‘COVID-19_Regional_Labour’: an online Dashboard for Regional Statistics for Coronavirus COVID-19 in Greece, Cyprus, Italy and Spain

Credits: YOUTHShare

The ‘COVID-19_Regional_Labour’ dashboard presents regional statistics for the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic in Greece, Cyprus, Italy and Spain. It includes certain useful indices, such as the per capita shares, while it aspires to study the impact of COVID-19 upon (youth) employment. Regional data revealing the impact of COVID-19 lockdown upon employment, youth unemployment and the NEETs will be eventually incorporated – as soon as they are published. So far, the Dashboard presents a variety of regional data and maps allowing for easy comparison and day-by-day monitoring of the virus spread and its consequences. Most of that regional data cannot be easily or directly retrieved by other webGIS applications so far. It includes the following maps (see the Tabs at the bottom of the central window):

  • Map of the total confirmed cases per region
  • Map of the % regional share of deaths per confirmed cases
  • Map of the regional cases per 100.000 inhabitants
  • Map of the regional deaths per 100.000 inhabitants

Several numerical indices, such as the recovered cases, are also presented. The national level data (as in the left column of the Dashboard) are automatically retrieved from Johns Hopkins University while all regional data are retrieved and updated by members of the ‘COVID-19_Regional_Labour’ team on an (almost) daily basis.

Τhe COVID-19 pandemic is escalating across the globe. In Italy and Spain, the death toll is unexpectedly high. The pandemic is expected to have a highly negative impact upon society and the economy, in general, and upon NEETs, in particular. The already weak economic situation in the countries of the EU South is expected to deteriorate, turning thousands of young people into NEETs, in a few months’ period. We consider the extensive documentation of daily changes as an important contribution before this new coronavirus-induced crisis further expands. It is crucial to have the starting point as well the impact of existing mitigation policies documented during this very liquid epoch.

The data are sourced from publicly available data from Eurostat, Johns Hopkins University (JHU), WHO, Statista, Wikipedia and the national authorities of the countries under study. The consolidation of data reveals minor discrepancies.

COVID-19_Regional_Labour and its contents – University of the Aegean/YOUTHShare project, all rights reserved – are provided to the public strictly for informative, educational and academic purposes. The Dashboard is linked to other ongoing activities and outputs of the YOUTHShare project though it cannot be, in any case, considered as a YOUTHShare output per se.The Dashboard is not funded by any source and it relies upon publicly available data from the above sources that do not always agree. The reliability of the that data sources cannot be verified. The data are updated on a regular basis by the members of ‘COVID-19_Regional_Labour’ team, who volunteer for the development of the Dashboard and the overall result is a work in progress. The contribution of ESRI, US and Marathon Data Services, Greece is highly acknowledged. For any remarks or inquiries please contact: youthshareproject@gmail.com; stgialis@aegean.gr.

You can find the dashboard here.

The ‘COVID-19_Regional_Labour’ team

Akis Kanneleas, GIS Expert, MA in GIS, Leeds University, YOUTHShare project
Dimitris Psarologos, Geographer, MSc student in Political Economy, Univ. of Athens
Dimitris Voulgaris, Geographer, MSc in Regional & Urban Planning, London School of Econ. & Pol. Sc. (LSE)
Stelios Gialis, Associate Professor, Labour Geography Res. Group, Univ. of Aegean & YOUTHShare project


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