Have to make a move!

29 year old Sandra Orlicka, first edition of the FOLM project in Warmia and Mazury participant, talks about her fears and dreams.

Credits: FOLM

Over a year has passed by since your participation in the FOLM project. What has changed during this time?

Basically everything, I’m a different person. From a submissive girl who was guided in life by what others say and what others want, I became independent. I come from a small town in the north of Poland – Lidzbark Warmiński. I never aimed high. After graduating from high school, I thought that the most important thing was to find any job, it did not have to be compatible with my professional qualifications or potential. That’s why I worked, e.g. physically, without a gram of satisfaction or fulfilment. When I came across information about the FOLM project, I intuitively made a decision – I want to try. I also talked into the participation of my then partner.

What difficulties did you face during the trip to the forest?

Even if with the fear of spiders, which I have always had. However, it turned out that having trainers, wonderful people who are prepared to work with people in every situation, you can overcome even deep-rooted trauma. Like everyone, I also had concerns: will I manage without contact with civilization, will the other participants accept me or won’t I waste my time. But I made a good decision and it turns out that you just act, take challenges and can do more than you think. And the group gives support because we are all at a similar stage in life. This experience completely redefined my life. First of all, I learned to listen to myself, I learned what my strengths are, what I’m really good at and what I should avoid. This resulted in a metamorphosis in self-perception and courage to make dreams come true. Even those that seemed completely out of reach.

What dreams do you make come true?

I have always liked the Tri-City but large agglomerations were terrifying at their pace, it seemed to me that life there is reserved for the smash people. At the moment I’m planning a trip to the dream Gdynia, I have professional plans. And I want to study resocialisation. The idea for this direction was clarified during FOLM. Participation in the project was a strong experience but I wanted to see how it was on the other side, share the experience and support those who, like me, dared to take life in their own hands. I applied to participate in the autumn edition as a volunteer. I liked it so much that in the future I want to work with people who are lost in life. And help them believe in themselves. I am an example that the restrictions are only in our minds, so anyone can overcome them. But you have to give yourself a chance and make a move. Nothing will change by itself.


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