How FOLM disseminates in Poland?

Credits: FOLM

The FOLM project has been widely discussed at many conferences in Poland for many months. Center for Innovative Education – the project leader – shows advantages of the project and encourages to take part in it.Center for Innovative Education also shows employers what additional skills possess those who took part in the project and why it is worth employing them.

Credits: FOLM

In September this year CIE presented FOLM as an example of motivating young people to acquire and develop soft skills that are indispensable when taking up work and which employers value much. Presentation int this respect took place during the European Forum for New Ideas. The Center for Innovative Education hosted the panel WHY TO LEARN? DEVELOPING SOFT SKILLS AS A PURPOSE OF EDUCATION IN THE 21ST CENTURY?

The FOLM project was the starting point for the discussion, which was attended by panellists from Poland, Germany and Austria and led by Joanna Bochniarz – president of CIE.

The European Forum for New Ideas is one of the largest conferences in this part of the continent, dedicated to global trends, new ideas and the future of Europe. Business representatives, charismatic speakers, leaders and policy-makers as well as authorities from the world of culture and science discuss the most important challenges for business and societies in a changing world, global trends and the future shape of the European Union during dozens of events, panel discussions, open meetings, counterpoints and night owl discussions. Every year, the Forum gathers over a thousand participants – representatives of the world of business, science, culture and administration, Polish and European alike.

The FOLM was presented the next month at the II New Education Forum in Poznań. The FOLM project was shown as an example of a tool that develops self-esteem, young people’s willingness to develop and motivates them to work.

The conference was entirely dedicated to issues of present education and cooperation between local government, employers and education. And the discussion was encouraged by the film about the FOLM project in Poland.Main characters of the film were the participants of the project and trainers, who told stories about the project during the trip “to the forest”, what are its advantages and what they expect.

The New Education Forum was held for the second time in Poznań at the invitation of the City of Poznań, and for the 14th time it will be held at the European level in Brussels in December this year.


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