New Education Forum in Brussels

Credits: FOLM

The New Education Forum has been operating at the European level since 2015. Representatives of cities and regions, academic institutions and companies create a platform for the exchange of knowledge, experience and contacts in the field of educational innovation, learning and labour market.

Credits: FOLM

Every year, many months of NEF’s activity are summarized by a conference in Brussels, to which speakers who are outstanding experts in their fields and all members of the NEF network are invited.

Until now, NEF speakers were several dozen experts from all over Europe. Peter Higgins – University of Edinburgh, Brendan Burns and Jacek Krawczyk – European Economic and Social Committee, Monsterrat Gomendio – OECD, Dana Carmen Bachmann – European Commission, Elen Doherty – General Teaching Council for Scotland, Uwe Combuchen – CEEMET had their speeches during the Forum.

NEF 2019 conference was opened by: Jerzy Buzek, Member of the European Parliament, who has been the NEF Ambassador since its founding; Jacek Krawczyk, President of the Employers’ Group of the European Economic and Social Committee, at whose invitation the conference was held by the EESC, and Tomasz Frankowski, Member of the European Parliament, who expressed his willingness to cooperate with the New Education Forum in the coming years.

During the last we focused on the results of the FOLM model – From Outdoors to the Labour Market targeted at NEETs youth. Project coordinators and trainers from Ireland and Spain presented their observations and successes. Also we concentrated on  young people who want to enter the labor market and often do not. We were looking for solutions, new teaching models and ways to encourage and mobilize young people.

Credits: FOLM

The New Education Forum in Brussels gave a chance to show innovative educational solutions that strengthen transversal competences. Speakers presented their methods and examples of activities. They represented institutions such as: City of Poznań, Asociacion Amica from Spain, Innovative Education Center – FOLM project leader and Lifelong Learning Platform – an umbrella that gathers 42 European organisations active in the field of education. Many examples of proven actions that help young people get an education and enter adulthood was discussed.

New Education Forum 2019 was attended by interested institutions from Albania, Algeria and Pakistan, which means that the topics discussed at the conference and the speakers’ presentations are becoming more and more popular.


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