An interview with Bartek Janowicz – Proinnovate

Credits: Young Entrepreneurs Succeed

Hi, it’s Bartek Janowicz from Proinnovate. I help innovators startups and corporations in building innovative solutions. I have a few questions here that I was asked to answer. First, what profile should be a young entrepreneur?Well, I think a few things are important. It would be nice if your project resulted from your passions, because then you have a motivation and you just want to do this, and it is important to you. Secondly, it’s great to work in a team, because then you have a sparring partner with whom you can discuss certain topics and your motivation is longer. Thirdly, it is quite important to have huge concentration, including not building anything, until we have proof from the market that a solution may be needed. I recommend strong desk research, researching what is already on the market, collecting data and contact with a direct or potential customer who has some kind of need that you want to solve with a given solution and check with him whether there is a topic.

Next thing are the main barriers to starting a business. First of all, you don’t have to start with the company. It is worth really low cost at the very beginning, i.e. verify before anything starts, start a company when it is really necessary. Secondly, we create quite a lot of barriers in our minds, being, for example, absolutely convinced that this is such a wonderful solution that business will definitely be found. Well, in most cases this is a mistake. And another issue is that, being passionate about given solutions, sometimes we stop listening to other people, we just impose our approach on them. Hearing is quite important at the very beginning. Another thing is where you can get support. Well, I suggest looking for programs in a given city organized either by institutions such as YBP, e.g. Academy Smolna or the YES program, addressed to young entrepreneurs. And another important thing, I think that at the very beginning it is worth considering just meeting some meetups and confronting your ideas with different perspectives. Fingers crossed. See you at some event or at the training room.


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