An interview with Jesús Quiroga – Autoocupació

Credits: Young Entrepreneurs Succeed

What is the profile of unemployed youth?

The profile of young people in Catalonia is not a monolithic profile, if we calculate that the profile of young people is considered young from 16 to 30 years old, we are only mistaken if we analyze from 16 to 30 years old we have a 19% unemployment rate but if we analyze by strips and we focus on the different strips of 16 to 24 years we have unemployment of approximately 24% which gives us a more masculine and feminine profile in the first strip and in the rest, the situation is reversed. From this, if we analyze the people who are enrolled in the youth guarantee program, which is approximately 160,000, we realize that a very important volume, 60% only have basic studies and this is a “handicap” while accessing the world of work. .

What are the main barriers of young people to get a job?

The first thing we have to analyze is the mismatch between training and job offer, this is a very important element that gives us a situation of mismatch to access the labor market, another issue is precariousness. Young people to access the labor market have to overcome a series of barriers as the labor market is formed, in the sense that there are internships, there is an extension of these practices to access this labor world there are difficulties administrative and economic to access to form their own entrepreneurship project in the sense that taxes are very high, and there is also an administrative difficulty in accessing this world. On the other hand, there is a duality in the labor market that contemplates that 25% is an offer of unskilled personnel and about 30% is in highly qualified staff these combined elements are a fatal combination in the Spanish market so that young people can access the labour market.

How can young people get access to a job?

To access the world of work has changed a lot … we know that in 80% 90% of people who access the world of work do not access through placement agencies or public services but there are networks that are the ones that condition this access. Currently access to the world of work for young people and adults has changed a lot, first the whole topic of social networks conditions this access, but also how you contact companies to access these job offers. These job offers are often accessed through a system of practices that gives you the first contact with the company and from there you can evolve in this regard. On the other hand, the distortions between training and job offerings also give you a way to access these offers and create significant difficulties for these young people to access the world of work.

How can the different actors cooperate to make it possible?

Many of the policies that we have implemented in recent years have the company first. because? Because this contact with the company gives us an entry into the world of work, a knowledge of the young person of the work reality and from there we can work specific training and then the experience inside the company. This mix and these integrated programs have been key to success in Catalonia to get 60% 70% insertion of these young people, apart from this we have opted for the sum of efforts and how they have worked online From the public service, making the proposal, networking has been carried out by the local councils, local entities, non-profit organizations that have collaborated and companies. This mix and integrity of policies has been the key to success for these young people to access the world of work, whether through training, through work experience or through their professional project.


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