Project Code courses give a chance for NEETs in Romania

During the pandemic period Save the Children Iasi, partner of Project CODE continued to work on developing new materials and new strategies in recruiting young people to its activities. Project CODE activities had to adapt, a period of work from home was imposed, team meetings went online.  Meetings to different institutions in order to prepare the accreditation and certifications of courses were scheduled and performed respecting the restrictions imposed the government.  

Despite the actual context we focused on the opportunities that can arise, people saw more and more the importance of technology in their lives.  More companies are catching onto the trend of work from home and are seeing the benefits from remote workers.  

The future IT courses that will be provided through project CODE will give a chance for young people to easily access labor market, in a field that is growing in Romania. Young people that will access these fields will have the chance/benefit to choose the have their job at home or in an office no matter the context. 

Credits: CODE


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