Online Group Session trainings: ¨Improving the soft skills and how to have a successful Job Interview

Credits: SEPAL

Last May, the Spanish WISERS team for the SEPAL project, organized a virtual training session, it was held to train young people whom participates in the project on new strategies for dealing with online interviews or how they have done, it was called interviews 2.0.

Due to the situation generated by the global closure and the impossibility of physically moving to different jobs places, to conduct a face-to-face interview. They decided to make a study of what would be the most effective way to face a job interview in the new normality and once this information was obtained, they prepared the theoretical and practical training. Was designed for those young people who before the confinement were having job interviews in the different productive sectors of the city, the day chosen there are a total of 10 persons in the sessions divided in two groups.

The training was designed to provide practical tools and strategies in order to overcome a telematics interview cannot interact directly with the potential employer. We worked on topics as diverse as, the different platforms for video conferencing, analyzing the strengths and weaknesses, through the control of the space where they were having the interview, noise control, clothes, or profile on the different platforms, to reach the way of presenting oneself.

At the end of the day, the young people had acquired new procedures to defend and resolve their candidacy. The general opinion of the group was that it had been a very positive experience for them. So much because at the end of the session each participant contacted with WISE experts through different channels to resolving doubts and comment on some details, as well as encouraging them to continue performing dynamic activities, such as the one designed by continue to improve in its employability.


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