Back to nature

Credits: FOLM

In the FOLM project, contact with another human being is essential. The pandemic forced us to suspend the group’s expedition to the field for many weeks and thus we couldn’t provide Coaching and Mentoring. What to do in such a situation? We have maintained contact with our potential participants all the time. Many volunteered to FOLM just before the COVID-19 explosion and did not manage to take part in the outdoor adventure. It’s been a tough month. We met with the participants online, talked on the phone, and constantly published memories from the previous expedition on our social media channels.

Now we’re back!

Although not yet in all countries. We still don’t have the green light in Ireland. This is still a difficult time. And we are not at all comforted by the fact that we have more people eager to participate. The reason is not uplifting – rising unemployment across Europe.

The first groups of this year’s FOLM project in Poland and Spain started. Officially, after the break caused by the COVID-19, we opened the season of expeditions into an unforgettable adventure. Given this situation, we have taken the necessary measures to ensure the highest protection of our participants, and we follow the guidelines set by the governments. We are motivated and willing to help and engage our participants to return to the labor market or continue their education. The smile on their faces constantly motivates us to work and develop. We’re very happy to be back.

Credits: FOLM

On 18 June, the first group in Poland went out to the Lasy Łańskie in Warmia and Mazury. The expedition takes place 2-3 times a month and the season will end in late autumn. Participants are equipped with masks, disposable gloves, and liters of hand disinfectant, all to make them feel safe. On July 7, the first Spanish group also left. As per usual with smiles on their faces, which are evoked by the beautiful landscapes of sunny Spain.

We’re catching up on the past months by keeping our fingers crossed for the second wave of the pandemic not to attack with great force because then we’ll have to slow down our project again…


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