COOPs for Climate Action

Credits: YOUTH Share

The 4th of July is the International Day of Cooperatives. This year’s theme regards the contribution of COOPs against climate action. Over 1 billion COOP members across the globe are already leading the way towards a just transition to more sustainable and more resilient economies.

The Cooperatives’ Office of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) has issued the global campaign #coops4climateaction to mark the call for stepping up and scaling up the contribution of the COOPs towards a just transition to low carbon and resilient economies. In the press release of the International Cooperative Alliance, the Director General Bruno Roelants, mentioned that “the COVID-19 pandemic has proven to us that those who have less are the ones who suffer the most. Climate change continues to affect the most vulnerable population on our planet, and we must continue to take action to change this. Cooperatives as a global reality have a fundamental role to play in this endeavour. This year for the International Day of Cooperatives, we seek to highlight the importance of taking action against climate change, and to encourage others to also make a difference – no matter how small.” 

The YOUTHShare project already offers to NEETs from Southern Europe the knowledge and the opportunity for quality jobs inCOOPs. Our focus on agrifood sector, circular economy and low carbon sharing economy platforms paves the way for social and environmental sustainability. 

Our Transnational Employment Centre Branches in Greece, Cyprus, Italy and Spainoffer a range of services for NEETs; from counselling and mentoring to job matching with local and international employers.


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