RAISE Youth Focus Groups in Croatia – Starting Point for the Future

Credits: RAISE Youth

From May 27th to June 17th 2020 RAISE Youth team Croatia organised total of 9 focus groups with NEETs from the targeted project area – Lika-Senj County and parts of  Karlovac and Zadar County.

The idea behind this qualitative approach was to bring together young unemployed people from rural parts of Croatia in order to gain an in‐depth understanding of the everyday issues with which they are faced.

The participants of the focus groups were carefully selected based on their age and employment status and screened beforehand using the questionnaires what gave us a well diverse group with one thing in common – challenges facing the labour market.

Credits: RAISE Youth

Unlike interviews or surveys, during focus groups participants were asked questions and were encouraged to discuss thoughts freely with other participants. The aim was to generate ideas and provide the best possible guidance and solutions. The discussion was moderated by the project coordinator Ms Mary Ann Rukavina Cipetić with the assistance of other members of the project team. Ms Rukavina Cipetić stressed her satisfaction with the high degree of interaction between the participants and the amount of innovative ideas and enthusiasm the participants shared. The main focus of the discussions were the possibilities of young people from these regions in the field of agriculture, tourism and digital technologies. Out of almost 50 participants of the focus groups most of them expressed their interest for tourism and/or agriculture. Information collected through focus groups gave RAISE team an insight of the problems, needs and opinions of NEETs in Croatia and will serve as starting point for the future workshops and trainings with the project experts.


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