A message from the Fund Operator

The FO, writing on behalf of the whole FMO, recalls an important supportive measure

Taking into consideration the current extraordinary circumstances, the Donors of the EEA and Norway Grants decided on modifying the co-financing requirement for organisations with NGO status. The rationale behind this waiver is to free up resources for NGOs and remove the pressure to raise funds during this difficult period of global pandemic. To this end, each project partner of NGO status under the Fund for Youth Employment can now provide all required contribution in-kind in the form of voluntary work.

The FO follows this decision and supports the NGO partners, who decided on benefitting from this waiver, in preparing budget changes encompassing this possibility. We designed a calculation method for the NGO partners to assess the maximum available value of in-kind contribution. And we gladly host on-line meetings to clarify any doubts. Of course, such budget modifications mean additional work for both partners and our FO team now, but we strongly believe this effort will profit in the future and truly improve the situation of NGO partners. Also, many consortia use this opportunity to revise their budgets after the lock-down months and modify them to efficiently use the grant in our new reality.

Malgorzata Nowak
FO Fund Manager


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