About graduation and new admission for 3D design course!

Credits: CODE

The new academic year at Tartu Art School is in full speed and we began the selection for our second course under CODE project.

Our first group finished the graphic design course in June – all together 9 out of 10 students graduated and were given second level professional standard diploma.

We held a ceremony for the graduates at our Aparaaditehas rooms. After the ceremony, the group planted a tree at the territory and signed their names to mark the completion of this journey (and the start of new and exciting chapter!). The first course was definitely a success, because almost all students completed the course despite obstacles set by the pandemic and some even proceeded to study at Tartu Art School to obtain a higher professional standard. As a final joint project, the students designed game cards inspired by Tartu street artists’ work.

Credits: CODE

While the first course focused on graphic design, the second course will now be aiming more towards 3D design. We will be looking for 10 people that are 15-29 years old and are not working or studying at the moment, but have interest in arts and design. Right now we are preparing actively for the new admission which starts on 26 October. Mainly we will be focusing on digital marketing, but we will provide physical information as well as we will be designing leaflets and hold two open house days for the target and interest groups. One of the open house days will be online and will focus more on helping with applications and other questions before the deadline which will be on 20th November. We will be cooperating with other organisations that deal with youth unemployment (youth centres, city council, employment agencies). Last year we worked with youth workers and case specialist which seemed to be working because they had proper methods of approaching risk groups. It’s hard to predict right now, how much COVID-19 will affect the marketing side this time, but that time determines that.


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