BlueGeneration Project: E-broadcasting from Bulgaria, Greece, Spain, Portugal, and Poland to engage young people in the Blue Economy

Mentoring Session in Spain. Credits: Blue Generation Project

The BlueGeneration project continues to inform young people about the Blue Economy career opportunities and to offer free mentoring and counseling services to young men and women even do it remotely due to Covid-19 restrictions per area. The mentors of the BlueGeneration project have also adapted the information program for schoolsprofessional training organizations and youth centers in order to continue this great European-wide effort via the internet.

Blue Generation’s goal is to engage young people aged 15 to 29 years in the so-called marine vocations, as a modern, attractive, and efficient alternative option to unemployment.

Blue Generation focuses on the 7 sectors of the Blue Economy: coastal tourism, shipbuilding, ocean energy, marine biotechnology, maritime transport, fishing, and fish farming/aquacultures and it is implemented by an international partnership of organizations from Bulgaria, Greece, Poland, Portugal and Spain with the support of experts in the Blue Economy from Belgium, Germany, Iceland and Norway. The coordinator of the project in Greece is Militos Consulting S.A. with the active support of Sea Teach (Spain).

Promotional Visit in Bulgaria. Credits: Blue Generation Project

New Year – New flow of our online informative sessions at local high-schools!

The team of Blue Generation Bulgaria is happy to share with you that we are continuing with our online visits and we continue to introduce youngsters to the amazing opportunities that the Blue Generation Project offers!

Promotional Visit in Poland. Credits: Blue Generation Project

Are you in Poland ?

You can watch the live sessions at the BlueGeneration Poland Facebook page:

Promotional Visit in Greece. Credits: Blue Generation Project

Now they know that their speciality is related to the blue economy.

Awareness and career perspective for the students of Public VET School in Greece who discovered the plethora of job opportunities in the 7 sectors of Blue Economy.

They could not imagine that as an Automation technician you can work for a ship components manufacturer or in installing waste processing equipment at a fishing farm.

“This was my day indeed!”, said a student of the Department of Technology & Food and Beverage Control.

Relevant opportunities were discovered by the students from the departments of Public VET School (#Automation Technicians #Chefs #ICT Tourism #Renewable_Energy_Technicians # Food & Beverages_Technology Control) who participated in this introductory #professional_orientation session.

They all found this learning experience, provided for free by the BlueGeneration Project team, extremely useful for their career planning.

Warm thanks to the Director of Public VET School, Mr. Dimitris Kiriakos and the professors K. Delistathis, I. Triantaphyllidis, M. Pouliou, A. Georga for their support and hospitality.

About 60 participants were inspired and engaged to follow a career in the Blue Economy, in accordance with the objectives of the project in Spain.

For those interested, we offer them further #mentoring, to help them find a job, training or internships in these sectors. They can also use our free job platform, on or do the MOOC course at!

Promotional Visit in Spain. Credits: Blue Generation Project

SeaTeach was at Es Liceu, explaining the 15-17 high school and VET students in Informatics and Administration, the possibilities the Blue Economy has to offer.

We told them about the career paths and training they can follow to work in different blue sectors.

For those who want more information, we offer mentoring, they can use our free job platform, do the online course, amongst other free services we offer.

Thanks again to Iago Barceló and Marta Serra for making this possible and participating!

Mentoring session for youth in Palma at Totheducatiu, Amadiba Ong. The Spanish partner in the BlueGeneration Project, Sea Teach, helped local youth to clarify their questions about #careers and #careerpaths in the #blueeconomy. They showed great interest in Dual training options in leisure boat maintenance, offered by Cooperativa Jovent and CIFP Juníper Serra, where the students sign a working contract with a company while doing their training.

Promotional Visit in Greece. Credits: Blue Generation Project

350000 people work in the Blue Economy sector, today, in Greece and it is optimistic that it is expected to #double in the next decade, said Marianna Terzidaki, Career Counsellor (Militos Consulting S.A.) during her presentation to young people living in Kimi (Chalkida), highlighting the job opportunities in the rising Blue economy.

The discussion highlighted the special interest of young people in shipbuilding and coastal tourism and numerous questions were posed about the training possibilities that will enable them to work in the sectors of #marine_biotechnology and ocean energy.

They were also informed about the zerocost Blue Careers Platform that has been aired and will be continuously enriched and updated with new jobs.

Many thanks to the organizers for their hospitality and the compliance with measures of COVID-19.

For more information please visit: or contact us to present you in detail the employment opportunities offered to the young people in Bulgaria, Greece, Poland , Portugal and Spain .



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