Director’s editorial – March issue

Dear readers!

We have come to the second issue of this new year together and allow me to thank you for the result achieved with our first number of 2021. Reading your perspectives, goals and ambitions has been a springboard: considering your active engagement (while in the form of an internal request) we have decided to create “thematic issues” for this upcoming period.

With the Editorial Team, we thought that dedicating each number of our YE Mag to specific challenges, problems, themes that we all live and face in our daily routine, was a way to further stimulate our reflections. We hope that this new approach will be a source of new ideas.

If you have hints or proposals, please write to us. Last week, for example, our Project L.I.K.E proposed us a new theme, which is indeed extremely interesting: that is why we have decided to change one of our selected proposals and agree for the new focus Therefore, new proposed theme will be Mental Health, but if you are an external reader and you are curios, let me share with you our full set of topics for the next months:

May 2021 20th May Globalisation and technology – e-services, global companies and their impact on the local entrepreneurship and employment
July 2021 20th July Youth unemployment and social inclusion, migration & ethnic groups
September 2021 20thSeptember Youth for our cities –

Youth for our environment/climate change

November 2021 20thNovember Unemployed young disabled persons, unemployed young women, any other fragile category
January 2022 20thJanuary Mental Health of the young NEETs as a result of the stress and isolation during COVID-19 pandemic
March 2022 20th March Second anniversary of Covid-19 in Europe: lessons/learned/new perspectives for a (hopeful) globally vaccinated post Covid-19 landscape


I would like to say this after noticing the very few and scarce contributions received to make our proposal regarding the “nice to meet you” rubric active and concrete; a pity! Perhaps it was not a “tool” that you considered useful, or more simply easy to use. That is why we joined our efforts to find something that could involve you more actively, and we used the perspectives “exercise” as a test case (with a good result, I have to say).

Nowadays, and day by day, the success of any project is measured also on registered visibility, positive acceptance and interest about communicated results, to further feed internal and external dissemination of implemented activities and successful stories. I was reasoning on this concept while looking at all our previous issues and I decided to write personal appreciation note on the level of participation towards visibility and dissemination strategies (which involve us as a Family) and therefore its exploitation via our YE MAG.

I want to remember you that our YE Mag is not only a task: it is, and want to be, a space for you, to spread positive vibes and good stories within a unique (familiar) platform. For example, I have recently been told that a member of our Family is herself a success story: Alina, from SEPAL, was a NEET. She is now an employ of the project itself.

And with this success, I would like to congratulate with SEPAL for their initiative, making it stand out as a practice from which to draw inspiration. They have organised the second “Let’s Neet Together”: you all will be able to read more in this issue. Not only in Romania, also in other beneficiary countries clustering of the various YE Fund actors is becoming a reality!, this is very much important and, somehow provide for an important (even if partial) answers to the clustering ideas you shared with us.

Why am I underlying all those aspects? Because, a part from trying to make the mag as a source of inspiration for you, I also have to remind all our projects that… : Donors are looking at us J

They evaluate your progresses (so, our progresses) and they are still doing that. They care about how our Family is achieving results and who, if not you all, can demonstrate and disseminate them? The Youth Employment Fund is already looking at the 2022 multiannual budgeting: we have to be faster than the time itself: we have to keep up and continue demonstrating what we can do and find the way to exploit our YE project best practices you developed and their related results!

I take this opportunity to tell you that I’m happy to see that, especially after our last “Get together” meeting, we have increased the number of “likes” and followers on our social media channels. Those likes and followers are the mirror of what we disseminate. It means that you worth it, together with your stories and activities. I would be even happier if we could extend our social media network, I believe this also could be a way to attract new ideas and forms of contributions in some way.

Last year we have announced you that the future would have brought some important novelties. I’m still not able to tell you exactly which could be the concrete benefits for you. But I’m sure that if you keep going on that way, you will be part of them. Worthy projects, providing for success results together with considering the necessary level of communication capacities would/could find some positive surprises within this 2021 spring.

This is the first issue we prepare following the new approach presented. I hope you will enjoy reading what you, personally, have helped building more than ever.

I am curious to see how our Family will proceed, but I am sure that the feedbacks will be positive.

The Fund Director,
Gian Luca Bombarda

P.S.: please be informed that we are ready to receive all your distribution contacts in order to include them in our mailing service and therefore increasing the YE MAG followers for the benefit of the entire Family.


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