SEPAL – Supporting Employment Platform through Apprenticeship Learning – project’s results

Credits: SEPAL

058-SEPAL makes the final steps towards reaching its objectives emphasized right from the beginning of the project. It was a long road during which we encountered ”obstacles”, that the SEPAL team saw as challenges and tried to turn them into opportunities to develop, to move forward and to find creative and innovative ways to support the NEETs between 24 and 29 years old in terms of socio-professional inclusion on the labor market, collaborating with various Social Enterprises, NGOs, local authorities and other employers and interested organizations. The major challenge that we encountered was the COVID-19 pandemic, which made us develop our communication and digital skills, but also our knowledge regarding the online working. We managed to move our face-to-face services into online, by using our platform (, which has different functions that helped us interact with the young people, and other online instruments such as Zoom or others provided by Google (mail, forms, etc.). During this time, we raised our visibility on social media, we organised webinars with our LSCs and local and national authorities, and the WISE Experts offered their free services and supported the NEETs online and by phone. 

Striving to see the opportunity in each positive or negative aspect that surrounds them and  having as one of the main LSCs and long-time collaborator the County Hospital of Suceava (Romania), during this challenging and difficult period, the Lead Partner within the SEPAL Project, Bucovina Institute focused on the Apprenticeship and Learning on the job stages which have been carried out in the medical field, in different departments of the hospital. We have to mention that 23 NEETs from Suceava, Romania finished the six months program and have the status ”Employee”, and other 26 are in the Apprenticeship stage, which are taking place with the help of our LSC. 

More details and numbers regarding the NEETs in each partner country that have been receiving support from our WISE experts can be observed in the infographic attached below. 

In addition, another important achievement was the innitiative to organise an online event with other projects financed by EEA and Norway Grants through the Fund for Youth Employment, which turned into a European movement, managing to gather through our series of third webinars entitled ”Let’s NEET together!” 11 Lead Partners and 4 Beneficiary Partners from 15 projects, having more than 200 participants from 16 countries around Europe. We have been encouraged by its success and we are motivated to organise two more online events soon by involving the other 10 projects that did not have yet the opportunity to share the innovation of their project, the tools, models or methods they use, and  their successful stories. 

More information about our events and activities, testimonials of the NEETs, interesting articles about youth employment in all partners countries within the SEPAL project can be seen by accessing our Facebook page: 

Credits: SEPAL


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