Youth Employment PartnerSHIP – project’s results

Credits: Youth Employment PartnerSHIP

How effectively are young people supported on the labour market? Project “Youth Employment PartnerSHIP” aims to answer this question by evaluating employment initiatives targeting youth in Spain, Hungary, Italy and Poland.

The project is now over halfway through its journey! In the first quarter of 2021, we managed to publish the results of our research:

  • four evaluation studies from Spain, Hungary, Italy and Poland – each study evaluated the impact on young people of one or several employment policies using counterfactual quantitative methods based on administrative data from four countries;
  • a methodological guide, which provides step by step introduction to the counterfactual evaluation of labour market policies;
  • a policy brief, which summarizes the evaluation studies prepared in the project;
  • two outreach reports, describing the outreach performance of public employment services in Spain and Poland;
  • the results of the Randomized Controlled Trial experiment, which aimed to improve the registration rate at public employment services in Spain.

We do not forget about the dissemination – in Q1 2021, despite the challenges of the COVID-19, we managed to deliver two online Capacity Building Workshops, which together gathered over 250 people.

Credits: Youth Employment PartnerSHIP


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