Company visits and practical activities

Credits: eNEET Rural

May 4th

After having tested their skills and knowledge at the Corte Maddalena orchard (which we thank very much !!), our students test their skills with practical activities in a winery.

These are Cantine Caleffi that we thank for the wonderful experience and availability.

In addition to the practical experience with the experimentation of pruning techniques, the young people involved in the project had the opportunity to learn about the company’s activities from the direct account of one of the owners, Mr. Davide Caleffi who retraced the stages of his career in agro-professional field, betting on areas of innovation and development and grafts on the tradition of the territory.

The entire path took place under the watchful eyes of our teacher Ezio Casali and the project team. Special thanks to him too!


May 20th

After the experience in the orchard, in the cellar and in the field, the project guys and NEET RURAL were guests of the TECNOVIVAI company in Canneto sull’Oglio, a territory famous throughout Europe for its thriving nursery tradition.

The company offered us a stimulating path through the different techniques of pruning ornamental plants, with a focus on the specificities of the soil and the potential of the innovations introduced in the field (from irrigation techniques, fertilization, potting, etc.)



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