Find your way to the World of Work – project’s results

In our project we cooperate with young people of different challenges, vocational institutions  and employers in order to the youth can be more successful in education and also in employment later on. We support the targeted young people by personal and group mentoring, competence development, career orientation and hard-skill training besides other activities. We ensure for our partners in the fields of education and employment also capacity building in order they can be more successful regarding the education of young people of challenges and employ them in the long term.

We do our activities in Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Spain. In the period of lockdown we developed diverse methods how we can work with our target groups online, however we are very glad that we can continue the offline work with all of them as our aim is bring closer the youth to each other and to their success on the fields of education and employment, which can work much better face-to-face.

Some numbers about our results reached till now:

Involved number of young people 1310
Students we work with 781
Roma people we work with 717
Women we work with 621




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