SOCIALNEET online course “The Contribution of Social Economy to recovery”


Between the 2ndof April and the 4thof April 2021 , the Lead Partner (Institute of Social Economy Studies) of the SOCIALNEET project organized a three day online course under the title “The Contribution of Social Economy to recovery” in line with the activity “Activity NW 6.1.10 Courses targeting the experienced members of civil society organizations in order to act as Mentors in Greece”.

The educational course has started on Friday 2ndof April with Dr. Andreas Lytras (keynote speaker), Professor of Sociology at Athens Panteio University.

More than 100 participants attended Dr. Lytras presentation. The next two days, nine (9) workshops were organized with more than forty (40) speakers and approximately seventy (70) attendees per workshop. Attendees were representatives from civil society organizations, social enterprises, small businesses as well professionals from different sectors.

The agenda of the three day event included the following

  1. The salaried work and its limits. The challenge of Social Economy
  2. The cooperative solution in times of socio-economic crises. Support structures for start-up cooperatives from production to consumption
  3. Tele-working – Digital Economy and Social Economy
  4. Social Economy & Partnerships with Local Government – National Local Associations
  5. Agri-food, crafts and local self-sufficiency in the context of the Social Economy
  6. Health – Welfare – Disability in the Social Economy. Social Enterprises – Examples of Good Practice
  7. Green Economy & Entrepreneurship – Energy Communities
  8. Cultural Creation – Alternative & Responsible Tourism
  9. Third Sector Networking & Communication Platform / Social Clusters

The event’s last workshop was an “open floor discussion” were all the participants were given time to express their opinion as were as their concerns and views.

Throughout all the workshops and the presentations, participants commented on the SOCIANEET’s project core idea and the ecosystem for the social economy development, the project proposes.

The event’s scope, to inspire participants to embrace the role of Mentor, was achieved to the maximum.


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