YOUTHShare project – achievements

One year before the end of the YOUTHShare project, our efforts are already paying back. Research and Social Work converged into a unique amalgamation for the benefit of Women and Refugee, or Asylum Seekers NEETs aged between 25 and 29 years old. Insightful analyses from Greece, Cyprus, Italy and Spain, coupled with tailor made intervention offer the necessary balance between theory and practice; informed decision making and social impact. More than 70 researchers, technicians and managers have produced and disseminated scientific content which was capitalised in the Transnational Employment Centre – a combined effort for the “translation” of research into tangible results; for the identification of beneficiaries and the successful match-making with employers. Educational material and e-learning platform for niche resilient sectors of the Mediterranean economy supported the training of beneficiaries in a demanding, yet accredited, program leading to a month-long internships with social economy enterprises – if, in the meantime, they are not hired by the internship providers.

One year before the end of the YOUTHShare project, and the numbers are constantly rising:

Credits: YOUTHShare


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