ICT and Coding Skills – for the Future Employment

SEPAL Project‘s partner from Vilnius, Lithuania – “Vilnius Coding School”, is delivering work-based training for coding and WEB design.

Audrius – participant in SEPAL  – had the opportunity to attend this training and increase his capacities in WEB design – one of the most appreciated skills in the labor market in the 21st century. After graduating with a Bachelor‘s Degree in Science (Robotics), he never had the chance to work as an engineer, as the city he lives in is small and not enough workplaces related to his qualification can be found there. Living in a distant area, Audrius had the opportunity to attend classes online and was provided with all the material, training, and mentoring he could get from the trainers.

Coding and WEB design skills are very important for NEETs who are capable of using digital technologies and wish to become freelancers. “Vilnius Coding School” has an international network of employers and every participant in the training is supported in his labor market inclusion, by one of these international partners. Let‘s hope that Audrius‘ skills will be noticed by them and he will get employed by the coding leaders of Europe!


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