Youth’s response to Climate Change – What about Greece?

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Regarding environmental concerns and the climate change, young people are at the forefront for the environment:

In Greece, almost 1,000 individuals and organizations have applied to become Ambassadors and are already working at local, regional and national level.

Climber Vanessa Archontidou has conquered six of the seven highest mountain peaks on the planet. By the end of 2021, she plans to step on the seventh, the top of Mount Vinson in Antarctica. Her main goal is to raise the awareness of as many citizens as possible, about climate change.

Climbing to all these peaks I saw glaciers shrink at an incredibly fast pace”, describes the European Climate Change Pact Ambassador. In the same capacity, Anastasis Stamatis, 31 years old, has undertaken to inform about the problems created by human callousness and thoughtlessness to the environment: “An ambassador tries in every way to inform the people about the situation.Through day-to-day small activities, ambassadors become part of the solution“, he points out in his interview.

The institution of ambassadors of the European Climate Pact enables young people to work together so as to meet European challenges. It is a movement sharing a common goal: a more sustainable Europe. Organizations, as well as individuals, may make a strong common EU commitment, one for climate action. Such commitments might be small, sustainable choices or large, bolder initiatives. These are practical changes that are important in everyday life, starting with the way we produce and consume, to how we move, heat or cool our homes, but also how we work and live together.

The Covid-19 pandemic seems to be holding back the 17 goals set by the UN on climate change. However, the European Commission seems to be heading straight towards the implementation of the Green Agreement. According to the national coordinator for the European Climate Pact, Konstantinos Macheras “the first discussion that was carried out in Greece, involved Greek participants and dealt with the situation in Greece. It is inferred by many that climate change has to do only with the planet. The real problem, however, has to do with whether humanity, as we have known it, will survive under these conditions. Thus, the concern is how to save the humankind after all. It’s not too late to do somethingalthough we all must take action immediately” adds K. Macheras.

In Greece, almost 1,000 individuals and organisations have applied to become Ambassadors and are already working locally, regionally and nationally to encourage people to get involved, live up to their commitments and take further action towards climate change interventions. Social media is the ideal means of getting our efforts through.

Six months following the Climate Pact, it is really encouraging to see how many ambassadors have already joined and connected with each other, and how much optimism, how much vision individual commitments have to offer. They provide great inspiration for the small and big changes that each of us can make. Together, we can have a huge impact and therefore I call on all citizens and organisations to follow us” said the Executive Vice-President of the European Commission, for the Europe Green Agreement Frans Timmermans, in the framework of the Day of Action held on 29 June 2021.

The Climate Pact is part of the Europe Green Agreement and helps the EU achieve its goal of being the world’s first climate-neutral continent by 2050. The Green Agreement aims to make the EU economy sustainable by transforming climate and environmental challenges to opportunities and making the transition fair and inclusive.


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