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The current global epidemiological situation has shown us how fragile the economy and job market is. Many people have lost their jor within a few weeks and thus, their earning stability. This has a negative impact on our emotions and self-esteem. Often in a crisis situation, people lose their strength and will to fight. How can you protect yourself from such a situation? Which industries are and will be the most vulnerable?

I will try to answer these and other questions in the following article. I will also point out the industries that have functioned normally despite the epidemic and even increased their demand for employees. I will suggest what to do in such an unexpected situation, which has now happened to us.

Let’s start with an analysis of the labor market. In Poland, the worst situation was experienced in the cab industry, tourism, entertainment and also in those related to education, arts and sports. People working on commission contracts were at risk of losing their jobs, especially in the service industry, such as in the area of beauty services, i.e. beauticians and hairdressers, catering and hotel services. Companies were forced to make layoffs due to restrictions and bans on services issued by the government. The lifting of the restrictions got the companies up and running, but many people have not returned to their jobs. There are also fewer jobs in these sectors, than before the pandemic.

Summarizing the above information, we can say that the greatest crisis has affected industries that rely on direct contact with customers. So, what to do and where to look for a job that will not be lost unexpectedly?

It turns out that in addition to the industries particularly vulnerable to the effects of the pandemic, there are some that are still looking for workers. Many advertisements appear in the food industry which, in this period, has an increased demand for workers. It should be remembered that the basic requirement for working with food is to have a current sanitary-epidemiological booklet. This is always a viable alternative in times of layoffs. This industry is constantly recruiting. If you do not have such a book, you can focus on looking for work, for example, in DIY stores. It is also worth contacting companies in the cosmetics or pharmaceutical industry – both from the wholesale side and manufacturers, because they need people to work in the warehouse. Helping hands are also constantly beeing looked for, by companies in the logistics industry. – We are talking about the support of courier companies, which have recently been very busy and are also looking for employees.

Wondering what to do if your learned profession is among the at-risk industries where unemployment is estimated to increase the most? Or maybe you do not have any professional qualifications and you think that there will be no chance for employment? First of all, you cannot panic and give up! Unemployment is rising and it will be harder to find a job. Keep in mind what the famous Polish proverb says: “Nothing difficult for those who want it”. So, analyze your skills. Do you have a driver’s license and are physically fit? Apply to courier companies. It is worth noting that a lot of ads appeared for jobs where you do not need a university degree. Nowadays, what matters are professional qualifications and competencies, which can be obtained by completing training courses, e.g. warehouse worker with forklifts and warehouse software. There are also shortage occupations, in which there are constantly new ads, and people to work in them. Maybe it is worth thinking about getting a new profession from this group. The offer of courses and trainings is wide, individually tailored to the participant. There are many institutions on the market that implement projects for the unemployed or those who want to retrain. If you have an occupation from the risk group, it is worth thinking about gaining new qualifications, which will give you an alternative and broaden your horizons on the labor market, which is constantly changing and worth following.

To sum up the above article, we can say that there are many external factors, beyond our control, affecting our lives, such as the current pandemic. We never know what can happen to us. We must be prepared for similar situations. It is worth perceiving this time as a learning experience, draw conclusions from the whole situation and ask about your future.


Author: Pola Rechinbach-Piotrowicz
Vocational counsellor/employment mediator
at the Tulipan Post-Penitentiary Care Center
and owner of the company
Counseling and Training Center
Pola Rechinbach-Piotrowicz


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