Youth, the victims and the fighters of the inaction climate crisis.

The world is now home to the largest generation of youth in history- 1.8 billion young people between the ages of 10 to 24.[i] These young people will suffer the consequences and will bear the costs of inaction on the climate crisis. Now, already, most countries where youths are a majority of the population, are economically dependent upon agriculture – a sector extremely exposed to climate change.

Council of Europe, United Nations and other international governmental and non-governmental organizations are in the central of the youth climate changes movements.

In September 2019, as Council of Europe states , more than 46 million young people and children from over 150 countries around the world went on a climate strike, considered the largest demonstration in history.

Young people are determined not to simply be victims of climate change. Children and youths have discovered their massive power to hold decision-makers accountable.


A short article written by the Spanish partners from the SEPAL Project



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