Director’s Editorial – November Issue

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Dear Friends!

Finally here we are: with this November issue, we are closing another year together… us, member of the Youth Employment Family, not forgetting the new entries!

We had, lately this week, a meeting with them, and it has been something like re-living the steps we did with our “old” Projects. Of course, the term “old” has not a negative meaning. At the opposite: I am sure that, looking at our website and reading all our issues and editions, new members can learn a lot about our Family. Soon the end of the year will come and, as we are all used to do no matter which culture or religion, people usually start thinking about how good they have been during the past months.

How good have we been? : )

I am asking this to you while I already know the answer. I know that there are different levels of participation, but I have to thank you all of you. We, as FO, are happy to see the higher level of engagement generally registered. I am talking not only about the personal participation of our Projects but also about the reach we reached (sounds nice to pronounce, isn’t’ it?).

We are followed! And, to me and my colleagues, this is one of the most important sings, it means that we count, it means that your activities are somehow reflected into someone’s daily life.

It means that this is a great result … but also that we always can do better.

Since we are also used to try every day to do better, I would like to dedicate a special space and some word to the very final activity we have been organising for the Fund of the Youth Employment and his brother, the Regional Cooperation Fund.

We are all fed up with virtual events, while unfortunately it isn’t still the time to drastically go back to “normal” life. That is why we have put all our strengths and ideas and creativity together, in order to organise for our entire Family a virtual event which wants to look like as less virtual as possible. And with “entire” Family I mean that you ALL are invited: with your end-beneficiaries and your friends, external writers that accompanied us, anyone that had a look at our activities and is interested in participating, to see how and with what we decided to close another year together.
Our goal is not only to give our Projects an Annual Seminar which worth building together, but also to give our Family the reach it deserves. Then, please, stay tuned in the following days to get all the necessary info to participate at our open and free moments.

Our Annual Seminar week has, for us and the Projects, a fundamental importance. It is an experiment of merging our two Funds, comprehending our Fund for Regional Cooperation “brother”. As you will have the chance to see, the Projects have put together their efforts, not only to present the results achieved, but also to start thinking about possible ways to cooperate, even if they are part of two different Funds. In any case, Donors are the same, and we are all following a unique direction. And we have never organised a joint activity, therefore, while virtually, we are looking forward to seeing which will be the final outcome.

Next year, following this ambitious plan, will be enriched with new steps.

First, it will be the European Year of Youth: a fundamental opportunity for our Fund for Youth Employment, having the same target at the heart. We are scouting ways and channels and we will brief present to you our strategy to link our activity to this European set of initiatives coming in the next months.

To those activities, the new Projects of Unlocking Youth Potential will be with us. We had, in the past week, the first communication and visibility training for them and they are all ready to be on board. Soon we will be able to present them to our audience.

Last but not least, some of our “older” Projects haven’t finished their path with us yet. I am talking about the “lucky” (since they worked hard for that) which have been refunded. Some of them are still waiting for final confirmation, but this “top in” decision means that they can still contribute to the achievement of our common goals.

In addition to that, and someway linked, I have to say that I am happy that our last YE Magazine this year is ending with a special theme. Special as the target group considered. The main topic for November, indeed, is “Unemployed young disabled persons and unemployed young women”.

Who, if not them, can explain how and how important is to work with and for our societies to improve them? Who better than them, who often have to re-invent a role in their specific communities, could set a good example?

I am sure that our readers will find some answers into the brilliant contributions prepared by our Projects. Into the first pages, particularly, please have a look at our “success story” section. A sort of column we created to give space to real stories that worth to become best practices.

I am sure as well that next year will come suddenly, since time flies, but we will be ready to enrich further our Magazine. For our audience, hoping it will continue to rise, we will have your new stories to share.

Stay tuned, as I already said, to receive the invitation to our Annual Seminar: it is a real opportunity to know us further, to see our results and to know how, and for which purposes, we are working.

Gian Luca Bombarda
The FO Director



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