YOUTHShare featured in CEDEFOP’s toolkits for empowering NEETs


YOUTHShare training program’s effectiveness in providing young NEETs, especially women and refugees/migrants, with the labour and social skills necessary for their integration into the world of employment, has been recognized by the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (CEDEFOP):

The YOUTHShare e-learning platform is designed to offer knowledge on Concepts and Tools in Social, Sharing and Resilient Economy in the Mediterranean European Economic Area (MED EEA). More specifically it comprises three learning cycles, with ten courses each, on:

  • IT skills in sharing and web-based economy
  • Skills in Resilient Sectors and
  • Skills in Social and Solidarity Economy.

The YOUTHShare e-learning platform can accommodate asynchronous learning or effectively support synchronous distance learning.

By including YOUTHShare into their vocational education and training (VET) toolkit for empowering young NEETs, CEDEFOP sets the training program into a prominent position, verifying that not only it fulfills its objectives, but also speaks to its long-term aspects.

Here are some success factors of the YOUTHShare e-learning platform:

  • Educational material tailored to the regional needs of resilient economic sectors of the Mediterranean EEA
  • Educational material that caters for both basic and advanced up-skilling and re-skilling
  • Skills provision with high local impact”

At the same time the YOUTHShare Transnational Employment Centre and more specifically its Greek branch features as a Good Practice within CEDEFOP’s VET toolkit for NEETs.

Being part of CEDEFOP’s featured VET toolkits for empowering NEETs once again validates YOUTHShare’s purpose, to provide youth with the opportunity to train to integrate into the labour market.



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