Blue Generation Project Update

Blue Generation Project developed a 360O Virtual Reality Video in Aquaculture, the fastest growing food industry in the world. The video is the first from a series of VR videos that will give the NEETs the opportunity to experience the work in various sectors of Blue Economy.

Click here ( to watch the video from a day at a Greek aquaculture unit.

Blue Generation Project was highlighted in The Fifth Sustainability Summit of The Economist Events for Greece, Cyprus, Malta, and southeast Europe on 30/ 09/2021 by Mrs. Stavropoulou Olga, Director General, HELMEPA, andMilitos Blue Generation Mentorduring the discussion on “Ocean Governance and Blue Growth”.

As she mentioned, Blue Generation Project, in the context of informing around 40,000 young people all over Europe, aims to attract young people aged 15-29 to the Blue Economy, challenging their conviction that they are “dirty” and “dangerous” and responding to their desire to integrate sustainability in their career expectations. It is a fact that the oceans’ health is deteriorating, but the involvement of young people with professions in the field of ocean economics has the power to reverse this trend.

Sea Teach is proud to present Jaume Arnau, whom we engaged, motivated, and guided to pursue a career in the Blue Economy. We met him when he was 16 years old. After finishing secondary school he did a professional certificate in boat maintenance and worked during the summer as a sailing instructor. Soon he will start a Dual VET Training in Leisure Boat Maintenance in Mallorca.

Click here ( ) to learn about his success story.

Blue Generation Project participated with Militos S.A in Climathon Piraeus 2021 on 20/11/2021 informing young men and women, who contributed with innovative ideas in the fight against Climate Change, about the employment prospects in Blue Economy.


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