YOUTHShare at the ICA CCR European Research Conference

Another scientific conference presentation for the YOUTHShare project, this time at the “Rethinking co-operatives: From local to global and from the past to the future”, organized by the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) Committee on Co-operative Research (CCR), Europe Research Board. The conference was held in Athens, Greece, from the 13th to 15th July and was hosted by the Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences. Subject of YOUTHShare’s participation was “The educational material for advancing youth cooperative skills. The case of the project YOUTHShare”. The editor of the material, Savvas Alexandros Pavlidis, along with professors Kavulakos, Nikolaou and Gialis presented the diligent work of a long list of experts and researchers that allowed more than 700 former NEETs to acquire valuable cooperative skills.

YOUTHShare aims to reduce youth unemployment in coastal and island regions of the Mediterranean EEA by advancing young NEETs’ skills in trans-locally resilient agri-food production and the pertinent circular economies. Stepping stone to that goal is the acquirement of skills in IT and Web-based economy but foremost the skills in Social and Solidarity Economy that pertains to Social Cooperative Enterprises.

The widely acknowledged conference received support by the Agricultural University of Athens, the University of Western Macedonia, the Department of Tourism Management of the University of Patras, the National Centre for Social Research, the Institute of Cooperation, the Hellenic Open University, the educational non-profit cooperative “People’s University of Social and Solidarity Economy” and the Co-opAbility Institute.


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