Experience exchange between employers and young adults with disabilities

Between March and May, Health Action Overseas Foundation (HAO) has continued the series of exchange meetings between young adults with disabilities looking for a job and potential employers organised within the project “Labour market Employment for young Adults with a Disability – LEAD”.

Thus, on the 11th of March, four young adults with disabilities interested in becoming commercial workers participated in an experience exchange organised by HAO at Carrefour Constanţa.

On this occasion, Paula Dămăşaru, HR manager, talked to them about: the tasks that need to be performed in each department, the work schedule, the employment procedures, the salary package and the bonuses granted. The young participants had the opportunity to introduce themselves and to talk about: the reasons for attending the meeting, their previous work experiences, and their professional expectations.

The participants were interested in the vacancies, and in the possibilities of adapting the work schedule. Also, they asked for some additional information regarding the commercial worker profession.

Two weeks later, on the 25th of March, six young beneficiaries of the LEAD project participated in an experience exchange at the headquarters of SC Step Proiect SRL, a company specialized in advertising production.

The young adults visited the factory, guided by Mirela Nichita, HR manager, and Crinel Cîrîc, head of Production Department. The representatives of the company talked to them about: the production flow, the tasks that need to be performed in different departments, the vacancies, the selection/recruitment criteria, the salary package and the work schedule. In this context, Mirela Nichita pointed out that the lack of experience of these young adults can be an advantage as it offers the company the opportunity to train employees for the vacancies, taking into account: their skills, work experience and learning ability. The young adults noticed that the employees work in a team and accomplish easy tasks. Following this meeting, the young adults have expressed their desire to work part-time with this company.

On the 12th of May, seven young beneficiaries of the LEAD project had the opportunity to meet with Cătălin Bălan, administrator of Clean UP Invest SRL. Also, Rocsana Iliescu, the psychologist of the “Antonio” Placement Center and a relative of a young adult with disabilities attended this experience exchange which was held at the headquarters of the Services Centre for Supported Employment from Constanța.

Our guest talked about this companywhich provides cleaning services for residential buildings, headquarters of companies, and after construction works. Cătălin Bălan explained to the young adults that they can work in a team when the aim of the contract is cleaning after construction works. They have different tasks, and the work speed must be high. In this case they are supervised by a colleague. Also, the new employees can work individually, in the case of residential buildings cleaning contracts. In this situation, the work’s complexity is low, so the new employees are trained, and after that they accomplish their tasks without the presence of a supervisor.

Moreover, the company’s representative shared interesting pieces of information regarding the professional cleaning machines used by employees. He also provided details to the young adults about: the protective equipment, the work schedule, salaries, bonuses and other benefits. At the end of the meeting, he answered the participants’ questions.

Following this meeting, two young adults expressed their wish to work with this company.

On the 31st of May, three young beneficiaries of LEAD project (two of whom from the Placement Center “Antonio”) participated in a working visit at Cora City Mall, organised by the HAO team in collaboration with Simacek, a company specialized in professional maintenance and cleaning services.

On this occasion, Georgel Pătrașcu, working point coordinator at Simacek, told the young adults about: the duties of the cleaning staff, the work schedule (in shifts), the salary package, and presented to them the tools and the equipment used by employees. Additionally, the young adults had the opportunity to observe the employees using the professional cleaning cart, and the automated floor washing machine. They also tested the cleaning equipment. It should be mentioned that, following the meeting, two young women expressed their desire to work in this domain.


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