Creative techniques in evaluation

Few people, especially young people, like to fill out extensive questionnaires and take part in boring focus groups. However, these are not the only ways in which evaluators can gather data for the evaluation of various activities in which young people participate.
Projection techniques are becoming an increasingly popular instrument of qualitative research used in evaluation research. The development of projection techniques in evaluation takes place especially in relation to evaluation in education, or innovative projects.

The projection techniques adopted for evaluation in this study have been called creative techniques in evaluation. Creative research techniques in evaluation can be used to obtain opinions from an individual, single person and a group of people, most often then taking the form of a workshop. The term workshop evaluation technique is often used for this creative group form of data acquisition.
The aim of the study is to present various creative techniques in evaluation and the benefits of using them. The author have devoted special attention to discussing the challenges of using creative techniques in the evaluation of young people.

We invite you to read expert study in Polish written by Alicja Zajączkowska – evaluator, social researcher, trainer, business advisor, mentor, who specializes in social research and evaluation, social innovation, development strategies, and organization and project management.

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