Ivana Garanová Petrisková


“NO LIMITS” project (n: 2020-2-SK02-ESC11-002505) that is a case study of this article, lasts for 24 months (1.9.2020-31.8.2022). The project main goal was to increase integration between local community and young people with disadvantages (social, economic) or special needs (mental or physical disability) and promote mutual solidarity between society and young people with fewer opportunities through one year long volunteering experience. 

Additionally, to the main project goal there were identified three other goals aimed to improve the quality of life of young people with fewer opportunities and/or special needs through an inclusive approach at local level and through the access to new activities for them, therefore to increase and develop the competences and skills of these young people in order to be more competitive in the labour market and last but not least to raise awareness of the needs of young people with disadvantages or special needs to general public. The primary target group of this project and so of the evaluation were three young people from Slovakia who come from disadvantaged backgrounds (social, economic) and/or have special needs (physical, mental disadvantage). 

The aim of the evaluation was to find out whether and to what extent the objectives of the project were met and what is its current and expected impact. The evaluation has been focused on the whole project, on the one hand it is the process of its implementation, administration, and management and on the other hand the form and content of its outputs, results as well as their dissemination and usability in the future, or as inspiration for other organizations and actors working with disadvantaged youth.

Key words: disadvantaged youth, young people with special needs, volunteering, labour market, inclusion, skills, data collection, qualitative research, European Solidarity Corps, Slovakia, case study, focus group, project evaluation




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