Second edition of the evaluation workshop serie in Poland is completed!

In the mid-December Foundation in Support of Local Democracy – Polish team of Youth Impact project – finalized the workshops of the blended learning course “Towards Better Youth Entrepreneurship Projects”. The aim of this training was to develop evaluation skills in organizations and institutions implementing projects in the field of supporting entrepreneurship of youth in the 15-24 age group. Among our participants of the workshops are representatives of organizations conducting activities for the development of youth entrepreneurship.

The course included e-learning materials carried out on the Moodle platform, as well as four workshop meetings with trainers via Zoom. The course was carried out in two groups, with participants from various organizations, from different parts of Poland, sharing the same goal of studying evaluation to better conduct projects for young people.

Meetings with the participants included the issues of the evaluation process and project logic, preparation of evaluation, data collection and analysis, and the use of evaluation results, as well as developing the competences of young people towards better employment and entrepreneurship. The classes also focused on the practical aspects and creating evaluation tools in groups, which motivated and engaged the participants to actively acquire knowledge.

The issues presented in classes are described also in the Entrepreneurship Toolkit, which is available on Youth Impact project website, soon it will be also available on the FRDL website. By the end of the Youth Impact project the online course will be available for everyone on Moodle (registration needed).




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