Cowork4YOUTH and its Baseline Study at the YOUTHShare Open Event

On November 4th, the Cowork4YOUTH project was proud to participate in the hybrid Open Event organized by YOUTHShare, a fellow Fund for Youth Employment project. Online participants joined academics from various parts of the world and representatives of local authorities in the Hospice of St. Catherine in the Medieval Town of Rhodes, Greece, for an event supported by the Dodecanese Ephorate of Antiquities as part of the events for the European Year of Youth.

The project manager of Cowork4YOUTH, Ms Aggeliki Demertzi, along with the Communication Manager, Mr Savvas Alexandros Pavlidis, talked about its objectives, main challenges, as well as its transnational value, and concluded with findings of the recently published Baseline Study on Impact of Youth Employment Policies. The multifaceted challenge of being a young NEET, in regions classified as non-metropolitan, remote, based on one-sector economy or in energy transition, is the one that Cowork4YOUTH is trying to tackle, by enhancing knowledge on current relevant policies, and in later stages to influence transnational policy-making with substantial policy recommendations.

The presentation was part of our synergies policy, aiming to achieve the best possible results through cooperation and exchange of ideas with other Fund for Youth Employment projects. Besides the hosting YOUTHShare project, and Cowork4YOUTH, the event also featured the participation of one more Fund for Youth Employment project, “Yes!”, as well as academics and practitioners from Europe and even as far away as Australia. Although the  opportunity to promote our work at Cowork4YOUTH was welcome, the more important aspect of such events is the exchange of ideas and experiences. As a younger project, we have much to learn from the experiences of mature ones such as YOUTHShare and Yes!. On the subject of research, we hope that we were able to give back a little of the inspiration that we received from the presentations of the other participants and the discussions we had.


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