Youth Employment Online Magazine & Tirana European Youth Capital 2022 – The best moments of our cooperation

It was the beginning of 2022 when we welcomed Tirana, and therefore the National Youth Congress of Albania, on our pages. This is another demonstration of the Funds’ ability and interest in creating fruitful networks.

After all, what better place to talk about youth capitals, than our Mags (including sometimes also the Regional Cooperation)?

That is why we included their activities, their successes, their best practices achieved throughout all 2022.

Next year will be Poland’s turn, 2024 is for Ghent (Belgium) and, just some days ago, in Tirana with a great event, Ukraine with Lviv was the winner for 2025. The intention, and hope, is to continue this collaboration that started with Albania. Our Online Mags are, and want to be, special places where to showcase success stories.

Here, to thank again Tirana for having chosen us, some pictures retracing the most important moments we welcomed on our pages.


The Editorial Team


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