SEPAL Project’s second coaches training, organised in Badalona

Fundación Privada Pere Closa hosted the 2nd coaches training which was held from the 27thto the 31stof March 2023, in Badalona Spain.

During five days, 15 professionals – WISE experts and coaches, participated in the coaches training, representing the SEPAL Pro project partner organisations. The dynamics, workshops and experiences of the experts allowed for a well-rounded and complete interactive learning experience.

During the first day, the colleagues from KOMES Foundation (Poland) presented the first module related to: Communication – personal factors influencing communication, with representatives of NEETs – practical workshops. The key issues were in linked with:

  • Personal factor influencing communication, in particular with representatives of NEETs.
  • Self-diagnosis of the individual style of communication and action.
  • Discussion of individual styles, their strengths and areas for work. Influence of the individual style of communication and actions on the quality of relations with others, including NEET representatives.

The second day was conducted by representatives of KoiSPE Diadromes (Greece) presenting the second module referring to the work with vulnerable groups, namely:

  • Presentation of 3 Social Cooperatives of Limited Liability in Greece. Disability, job opportunities and Supporting Employment Services.
  • “The Social Impact of the Ecological Cleaning Methods. Environmental benefits and Work Integration”.
  • “Establishing Mental Health as a Means of Establishing a Healthy Working Environment”.
  • A presentation on how cultivating resilience for the individual, can help alleviate stress, prevent depression, deny vocational bullying and generate a healthy experience in the workplace.
  • Culture Labs: Offering alternatives for high skilled members (people with disabilities).

At the end of the day, Fundación Privada Pere Closa, organized a study visit to the Fundación Formació i Treball whose mission is to facilitate access to the labour market for people at risk of social exclusion while managing and dignifying the delivery of essential products to families with limited financial resources. They presented us with their approaches and best practices of youth labour insertion.

The third day, ZISPB’s(Lithuania) experts presented the fourth module related to the evaluation of competencies.

  • Workshop: The process of Evaluation. Woking Skills and Soft Skills
  • Workshop: Performance-based Approach of Evaluation and the other Methods. Self-assessment and Evaluation. Newspaper theatre method
  • Workshop: Pre- and post- Testing and the Certification of Acquired Skills. Best practices.

During the fourth day Fundacio Privada Pere Closa, organised another study visit in Can Batlló. The project as a public-community-cooperative, management model of Block 4; and the type of services offered from Coòpolis, as well as the anti-racist perspective that we incorporate from the “Cercle of migrations”, was presented by Luz Elena, as the coordinator of the entity.  She took the professionals a tour of Can Batlló, briefly explained the history of the neighbourhood and community struggle.

And during the last day, LP. Bucovina Institute´s experts, presented the digital and standardised tools, consisting of:

  • Presentation of the Bucovina Institute and the experience of our coaches on working with NEETs.
  • Accessing the SEPAL Pro platform. Changes and new features.
  • Workshop: Attractive digital learning and teaching tools.
  • Presenting useful digital tools that makes working with NEETs more attractive and engaging.
  • Digital tools for communication and marketing: Introduction to CANVA. (Creating digital cards).

At the end of the session, Fundación Privada Pere Closa, made the closing remarks and gave to each participant the respective certification.

As we well-know, the aim of SEPAL is to make use of its expertise from the side of its professionals to guarantee an improvement regarding the labour market insertion of the NEETs and shall carry on doing so to achieve the highest degree of quality and representation of those who need it the most.


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