The European Blue Economy, currently representing around 5.4 million jobs, is set to double its employment by 2030. Its problem is, that young people are not being attracted to maritime careers and businesses cannot find the required workforce, skills and profiles (European Commission SWD (2017). The Blue Generation project aims to attract and engage young people between 15 and 29 years and convert them to pursue a sustainable career in Blue Economy in Greece, Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria and Poland. Our target is to reach up to 39,000 young people, mainly NEETs, through promotional activities and convert at least 2,000 to employment or training in the Blue Economy. We organise info days about blue career prospects and offer free personal mentoring programs developed by mentors who become knowledgeable promoters via the Blue Career MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) Platform. Youth can gain first-hand experience in coastal tourism, aquaculture, ocean energy, marine biotechnology, shipbuilding, maritime transport and fisheries through study visits, at local or European level. We have developed attractive digital tools, available for free i.e. the Blue Career Guide, with information about the employment prospects, remuneration offered, and skills required in each of the seven Blue Economy sectors, and the Blue Career Job Platform, where youth can find job offers from potential employers and submit their applications.

Target groups:

  • Young people not in employment, education or training (NEETs)
  • Youth at risk of becoming NEETs

Project Partners:

CountryProject partner statusInstitutionType of institutionCity
GreeceLead partnerMilitos Consulting SAPrivateAthens
BulgariaBeneficiary partnerActive Bulgarian SocietyNGOBlagoevgrad
PolandBeneficiary partnerEnterprising Society Development FoundationNGOWola
PortugalBeneficiary partnerEuropean Intercultural ClubNGOAmadora
PortugalBeneficiary partnerCONTEXOSNGOFaro
SpainBeneficiary partnerSea TeachPrivateCala D’or
BelgiumExpertise partnerSea EuropeNGOBrussels
BelgiumExpertise partnerEuropean Boating IndustryNGOBrussels
GermanyExpertise partnerSubMariner Network Non-profitBerlin
NorwayExpertise partnerNorweaNGOOslo


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